Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introduction to Computer

How is computer defined?
Electronic device operating under the control of instructions stored in own memory. Computer can accepts data likes raw facts, figures, and symbols. Furthermore, Its can process data into information. Information meanings data that is organized, meaningful and useful. Computer can produces and store results.

What is the information processing cycle?
1. Input.
2. Process.
3. Output.
4. Storage.
5. Communication.

The component of computer consists in :
1. Input device : hardware used to enter data and instructions. Example : Keyboard, mouse etc.
2. Output device : hardware that conveys information to one people or more people. Example : Speaker, monitor, etc.
3. System Unit : Case containing electronic components used to process data. Example : CPU or Central Processing Unit.

What are the advantages of using computers?
1. Speed.
2. Reliability.
3. Consistency.
4. Storage.
5. Communications.

What are the disadvantages of using computers?
1. Violation of privacy.
2. Impact Labor Force.
3. Health Risks.
4. Impact of Environment. 

The Example of Computer :